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Building permit.

Residential area MARPLUS square logo Granting decree already issued.

In our new project in Gandia, the residential MarPlus, we have good news. We have already received from the Gandia City Council, "the decree granting the building permit for the construction of 56 semi-detached single-family houses, swimming pool and urbanisation in Avenida del Mar numbers 143 to 197 and in calle Joan Baptiste Comes from 108 to 162, requested by Ganditec, S.A.".

The granting of the building permit is a prerequisite for starting work on the new development. We are currently finalising all the preparations and the construction of the new development. the start of construction of the first phase of the MarPlus Residential is now imminent.

We would like to thank all of you for the warm welcome and the interest you are showing in MarPlus, especially our first customers who have already given us their confidence and confirmed their decision to buy by means of their reservations. We would like to keep you and the other future owners of MarPlus fully informed about the status of the different stages and the progress of the construction work.

So, from this very blog, we will keep you informed of construction milestones and the completion of construction stages. We will always be there tp help and to give you full information but, from this blog, for your convenience, we will be detailing all the progress made and deadlines met, always with the help of image galleries showing the milestones completed at each stage.

Thus, we start from this first milestone: the granting of the licence. We will inform you shortly about the start of the construction works.

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Visit the home page of our website to have access to all the documentation of our new development in Gandia. New housing in Gandia, in la Safor, the Residencial MarPlus.

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